Youngkin urges Virginia residents to respect individual mask decisions

Virginia Gov. Glenn Youngkin said Thursday that Virginia residents should respect each other’s opinions and decisions about whether to wear a mask or not.

Hours after the Laudan County Judge ruled that county public schools could no longer fulfill the mask mandate, which takes effect immediately, Virginia Gov. Glen Yangkin said Thursday that Virginia residents should respect each other’s opinions and decisions. , wear a mask or not.

Youngkin appealed to the receptive crowd at the bustling Leesburg Diner diner at 8 a.m. when other parents at home explained to the children that county rules had changed overnight.

He said Wednesday Ludown County Court decision banning the county’s public school system from fulfilling its mandate on masks has shown “that parents have a fundamental right to make that decision for their children, to wear a mask or not to wear a mask.”

“And I resolutely, resolutely, not only call, but also call on all our best, to respect each other. Throughout this process, I asked everyone to love each other, to respect these decisions, ”Yangkin told Neil Augstein of WTOP. “The decisions that parents make are made for particularly good reasons.”

The governor added that “if we have a colleague, classmate, teacher, administrator who is in a mask or without a mask, we should deeply respect that. I deeply respect that. “

Shoppers at the diner applauded Yangkin’s response.

A Loudon County ruling Wednesday night by District Court Judge James Fisher immediately suspended the county’s public school system from fulfilling its mask mandate. Earlier on Wednesday, Ludown County was the first to lift restrictions, announcing that masks would become optional at the school. beginning February 22.

Following a decision by a judge from Ludown County Public Schools said that starting Thursday, students can continue to wear masks if they wish, but masks are not needed.

“The decision on whether to wear a mask or not is very personal for many families; we ask you to respect the decision of others. No one should feel uncomfortable because of their choice, ”superintendent Scott Ziegler said in a letter to the school community.

Students who face disciplinary action for fulfilling a mask mandate will also be removed from their records, the LCPS said.

The The constitutionality of the bill that Youngkin signed on Wednesday was challenged in court because it takes away the powers traditionally vested in local school boards.

Pandemic pressures and disguises in education have merged with politics across the country.

Republicans are increasingly looking at education as a stimulus that can help them persuade voters, according to the Associated Press.

Neil Augstein of WTOP, Scott Gelman and contributed to this report.

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