Youngkin, St. Petersburg leaders hold a conversation with the COVID-19 community

PETERSBURG, Virginia (WRIC) – St. Petersburg health officials want to increase the number of vaccinations against COVID-19 in the city. On Tuesday afternoon, they met with Governor Glen Yangkin to find out how to do it.

“Today we are here to find out how to develop the city of St. Petersburg and leave no one,” said Mayor Sam Parkham during City Hall on Tuesday.

Dozens of community and city leaders met with Yangkin at the St. Petersburg Public Library to discuss the strategy.

According to the Virginia Department of Health, 71% of the population is fully vaccinated. In the city of St. Petersburg, this figure is approaching 59%.

Yankgin opened the floor for discussion by asking leaders what they had heard in the community about vaccine fluctuations.

“Some of the things we’ve heard are really related to what’s in the vaccine and the long-term effects of what the vaccine can do,” said St. Petersburg School Head Dr. Maria Peter-Martin.

Many leaders also expressed concern about the lack of reliable sources of information.

“One of the main topics was simply the lack of a trustee to get answers to questions,” Yangkin told reporters.

“The main thing is to give people the opportunity to pick up the phone, send an SMS or talk to someone we actually join the community.”

Yangkin doubled his position not to support the mandate for the vaccine, and said interaction is key.

“When people decide they’re not going to get vaccinated, it’s their duty to do so that doesn’t change their minds,” he said. “And that’s why hugs and attraction are really important.”

Peter-Martin says health imbalances existed before the pandemic, and leaders must first address those issues.

“When the pandemic came, I think we already had problems with people seeking medical help when needed. In my opinion, even after a pandemic we need to address this. If this perception persists, we will not be able to fight it in full, ”she said.

Youngkin told reporters that the next step is to contact local health professionals and pharmacists to find out how they can help.

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