“We just want to know why”: a man shot dead by Norfolk police on Saturday, the family is not allowed in the courtroom

NORFOLK, Virginia (Wavy) – A man shot dead by police in Norfolk last weekend clashed with a judge on Thursday – and questions about the chain of events are growing.

Barry Carrington Jr., 34, faces two counts of shooting at an inhabited home and one count of shooting with a firearm in public.

His sister, Tamecha Jones, spoke to 10 On Your Side on Thursday after she was unable to get to the courtroom for his charges.

“We were told to come at 8 am and the door was closed,” she said. “So we want answers. Yes, someone needs to contact relatives with answers. “

He was shot dead by Norfolk police Saturday night around 10:30 pm on downtown Granby Street. Jones says she came to his charge for one reason: for clarity.

“Just some things are unclear. I don’t understand what happened, because a lot of things contradict themselves, different clips, reports, and it’s very vague, “she said. “I want to know why he was shot.”

Aside from wanting to know exactly what happened Saturday night, she also just wanted to know how her brother was doing after the shot.

“I was looking for my brother. I was looking to see if he had anyone representing him. I was looking to see if he was all right, ”she said. “If only he had good health. And they didn’t even let us into the hall. “

She has only heard of her brother once since Saturday after he was shot.

“He had to call once and it was very short,” she said. “That he was shot. That he almost died. And that was all. So it also worries us a lot. We just don’t know if he’s getting proper care. “

Not being allowed into the courtroom for his charges without immediate explanation caused frustration for her and other members of her family.

“It’s sad because, first of all, it’s a member of your family, it’s your loved one who’s hurt, and we just want to know why,” she said.

10 On Your Side contacted Norfolk police on Wednesday for more information about the incident, but a department spokesman on Thursday declined to release additional information as the investigation continues.

While the Carrington family waits for answers, they say they are figuring out their next steps.

“My next step is probably to knock on the Attorney General’s door,” Jones said. “I love you, we support you, we’re here for you, bro.”

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