WATCH: The video shows a clear chase on the road on the busy NC highway

GILFORD DISTRICT, NC (WGHP) – A horrific case of apparent rage on a road in North Carolina was filmed on camera, including at a time when law enforcement stopped one of the cars.

Witnesses say it happened around 6:30 a.m. Wednesday along Interstate 73 in Guilford County, located in the north-central part of the state.

У full videoyou can see a white work van chasing a black sedan that pulls in and out of traffic in the southern lanes.

Pete Danny witnessed road rage from start to finish. He said it lasted almost 10 minutes and he filmed everything on camera.

“They were doing it for 6 or 8 minutes before I even started recording, and in fact, the guy even tried to cut me off two or three times, and I didn’t want to argue with that. So I stepped back, and then a black car got involved. It was like a boxing match, ”Danny told WGHP Nexstar.

У videoseen as a white van moving at full speed, chasing a black car, using multiple lanes to catch up, almost causing several accidents.

The video shows a van that uses ramps off the ramp to bypass other vehicles approaching the car. At one point the van hit right behind the car before the driver hit the brakes.

Danny said the driver of the black car threw a cup of liquid into the van before turning off the road in the middle.

Shortly afterwards, a North Carolina soldier stopped a work van.

Danny said he first shot the video to send to his brother, who works with the North Carolina Road Patrol. Danny said he was grateful that no one was hurt.

“I was very lucky that none of them seriously destroyed or damaged anyone,” Danny said.

According to the North Carolina Road Patrol, the driver of the minibus, 62-year-old Jerry Wyatt, and the driver of the black sedan, 25-year-old Joshua Livesey, were accused of failing to control lanes and carelessness / reckless driving. Both are due to appear in court in April.

A North Carolina Highway Patrol says the case remains open and additional charges may be filed.

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