Virginia politicians say they want Biden affected during the state of the Union

WASHINGTON – Against the background of the violent siege of Ukraine by Russia, President Joe Biden is expected to make a threat and many other problems in the forehead during his first speech on the state of the Union on Tuesday.

COVID-19, inflation, high gas prices and violence abroad – all this is expected to be affected.

Representatives of Virginia on different sides of the aisle are united in how the president should approach this topic – aggressively.

“We do not have effective sanctions from the United States, while Europe is acting aggressively,” said Ben Klein. It represents the sixth county of Virginia.

He urges America to stop buying oil from Russia and increase its domestic production. Klein says we should also create a no-fly zone over the United States for Russian aircraft.

Senator Mark Warner is chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee. He says that the internal threat from Russia is growing every day.


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He is worried about possible cyber attacks from Russia. Senator Warner predicts that Russia has the manpower and infrastructure to cripple Ukraine’s Internet and communications networks, and is surprised that the move has not yet been made.

“We need to join other industrialized nations and have a mandatory requirement that if you are attacked as a result of a cyber attack, you must report it to the government,” Warner said. “Not so that the government can do anything against you, but so that we can warn other people in the private sector.”

Warner says only 30% of cyber attacks are handed over to national agencies.

Internal attacks can be minor and more difficult to detect at the national level. Examples include ransomware attacks on businesses or other institutions.

If Russia cripples a NATO country, we may have to intervene. Ukraine is not a member of NATO.

White House officials told NBC News that the president would advertise the administration’s successes from infrastructure to jobs and the fight against COVID-19.


“More than 210 million people have been vaccinated. This is because of what this president did. What he has taken on again is a multitude of crises, ”White House Deputy Spokeswoman Caryn Jean-Pierre told NBC News.

Inflation, rising gas prices, crime and more have cast a negative shadow on the administration and need to be tackled, Klein says.

“This president came, saying he was going to unite the country, saying he was going to unite the people. He did not succeed, ”Klein said.

Klein says Biden needs to present solutions. Republicans, he said, did so by listening to Americans, revoking mask mandates at all levels, listening to parents and giving them back their “rights,” doing things to save the economy and more.

“The more Democrats listen to working men and women across the country, they are going to move in the direction that Republicans are now,” Klein said. “We are the ones who listen to the audience.”


“Given the potential crisis with Ukraine, the depletion we all feel from COVID, and the very real problems of inflation, it must first unite us as Americans,” Warner said.

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