Virginia fans believe that defense is the strength of the team

Now with Virginia Cavaliers at 2-1 with a terrible loss to illinois and two uninspiring wins in the in-state contest, we at STL wanted to hear from YOU, the fans, what you think of this team right now.

So, for starters, we asked Wahoo fans what they thought of last Saturday’s win, with 55% of respondents admitting how ugly the game was, but that a win is a win. 41% think it was unacceptably close, while only 4% thought it was a good win.

An SB Nation fan reacts

Next, and here’s our headline, 55% of Wahoo fans said they see defense as this team’s strength! What no one expected a month ago. Brennan Armstrong received 35% of the vote, wide receivers 8%, coaching staff 2%. But it’s a significant shift in perspective from the start of the season and shows how well UVA’s defense has played under new DC John Rudinka and, perhaps more dramatically, how poorly the offense has performed with Tony Elliott and Des Kitching at the helm.

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Third, we asked a somewhat obscure but important question regarding those offensive issues between Armstrong and his receiving core. 54% of respondents said they were worried and that something real clearly wasn’t going on, with 31% saying they were worried but only slightly and trusting the boys to make things work, while only 15% said they not concerned. Again, it’s a clear change from the preseason and even the week leading up to Illinois.

An SB Nation fan reacts

Finally, we wanted to hear how you all feel about the Syracuse game tonight, and we got a resounding answer: a whopping 77% of UVA fans think ‘Cuse will win, while the remaining 23% believe Armstrong and company will pull away . For a game that seemed like a likely win of the season, it speaks to how far Syracuse has exceeded expectations and how far Virginia has fallen below them.

An SB Nation fan reacts

Give us your thoughts on these questions and this UVA team in general in the comments below! We’ll be running this Fan Reacts series weekly this football season, so be sure to tune in so we can fully understand what the fans are thinking!

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