Virginia Beach Woman Fights for US Wheelchair Champion

Virginia Beach, Virginia (Wavy) – A woman from Virginia Beach takes her crown and wheelchair on an adventure to inspire and raise awareness of people with disabilities. Gloria Thornton is the current Virginia wheelchair user in the United States 2022.

She is the wife of the Navy, who lost her brother in 2020.

“When he passed away, I almost lost my purpose.”

However, Gloria saw that a friend was involved Mrs. Wheelchair USA and decided that the competition could help her find a new goal in life. Its platform focuses on physical disabilities, chronic diseases and mental health.

“My platform: ‘It’s okay if you’re not okay: the fight between chronic illness and mental health.’

Gloria is very passionate about sharing her message.

“I want to try to bring to mind that you can have several forms of different diseases and every disease is still relevant. This is not your anxiety. It’s just a concern. This is your anxiety and real muscle weakness. You have anxiety and hypermobility. “

This queen wants everyone to understand that no matter what life throws at you, you need to keep trying.

“It’s okay to allow yourself to feel the feelings you feel because they are real but ongoing.”

Gloria is a wheelchair user.

“I use my wheelchair probably about 90% of the time, but you can see me at a local store with my walkers or crutches. I have many different chronic pains in my upper back, spine and legs. So, again, the wheelchair is really used for safety. ”

Gloria says she is excited to participate in the next stage of the competition: Ms. Wheelchair USA. The competition is held in July in Ohio. will keep you posted on how it does!

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