Viral: the weather and your health

(WAVY) – On the wave of options after options let’s try to understand the mechanics of the virus as we digest the reality that COVID-19 is becoming endemic. And at the same time we need to understand how the human body is sick.

The answer to this in a sense has to do with the weather.

Dr. Gary Moss, an allergy and asthma specialist from Virginia Beach, explained why it is easier to catch a cold or get the flu during the cold winter months. Any load on our body affects the immune system, and the cold weather, to which we are not so accustomed – it’s extra stress.

“We’re really refined cars,” Moss said. “Any piece of sand in this technique will really destroy it.”

So the virus will seem to thrive in the cold winter, but what about the hot summer? Does the virus destroy the summer heat?

Short answer, no. Long answer, there is a definite effect.

It is thought that humidity can affect how the virus is transmitted in the air.

“Perhaps dryness is more than temperature,” Moss added.

Humid air is full of water vapor – hundreds and hundreds of small particles in the air. More particles means more obstacles to maneuvering the virus.

But you can still catch a cold in the summer; it’s just easier to do in the winter.

“Obviously, this will not disappear in the summer, at least from the options we have seen so far,” Moss added. “And the worry is that it will be like the flu virus if you have two viruses and you can get two infections at the same time.”

Now we can only speculate, given that this is a new virus that we are still trying to understand, as we will also come to terms with the fact that the coronavirus pandemic is becoming endemic.

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