Update: The suspect is in custody after a confrontation with Chesterfield police in Ettrick

ETTRICK, Virginia (WRIC) – Chesterfield police have arrested a suspect after a confrontation at the River Road Terrace apartments in Etrick.

On the evening of Monday, March 7, police at the scene told 8News that there was a “strong police” in the area and they were trying to get in touch with a resident of the complex.

A police spokesman said they responded to reports of shootings in the apartment complex and noticed the suspect enter a nearby apartment.

That’s when the confrontation began, the staff tried to contact the suspect for several hours.

Later that night the suspect surrendered and was taken into custody. At the moment there are no victims.

According to Chesterfield police, the incident is still under investigation.

This is a story that is evolving, stay with 8News for updates.

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