Unidentified charges against 1 in 2 Fairfax Co. victims suspected of “wheelchair killer”

Fairfax County Police may be unable to charge Anthony Eugene Robinson with the death penalty for a California woman. Police suspect Robinson killed at least four women in Harrisonburg and Fairfax County.

Fairfax County, Virginia County Police and Attorney General Stephanie Harrison from Reading, California, WTOP sources reported.

However, charges will soon be brought against the murder of 29-year-old Cheyenne Brown from the Southeastern District of Columbia, according to sources familiar with the investigation.

More than two months after police identified Robinson as a suspected serial killer in the deaths of at least four people whose remains were found in Harrisonburg and the Alexandria District of Fairfax County, Fairfax County charges have not yet been filed.

While investigators believe that forensics and digital evidence clearly link Robinson to Brown, they faced a greater challenge in determining how Robinson crossed paths with Harrison.

The day Robinson’s name was first unveiled, Fairfax County Police said video surveillance showed Brown and Robinson together at the DC Metro stop on Sept. 30 and that they were driving to Huntington Subway Station. She never returned.

When Fairfax County police searched for Robinson, in connection with Brown’s death, detectives found that on December 15, two sets of human remains were found in an isolated wooded area near 2400’s Fairhaven Avenue in Huntington County, Fairfax. The remains were placed in a large plastic container near a motel called the Moon Inn.

A DNA test confirmed the identities of the dead as Brown and Harrison.

When Fairfax County police initially called Robinson a “wheelchair killer,” they said he often met victims online through dating programs. Police later clarified that the programs include lots of fish and labeled.

Harrison’s family said they were in the country’s capital for sightseeing, and disagreed with the view that she could have chatted with Robinson online before apparently being at the Moon Inn at the same time.

Sources familiar with the investigation said detectives found no digital or forensic evidence proving why Harrison and Robinson were both at the Moon Inn. In early January, police searched in large plastic bags filled with paper receipts near the motel.

Robinson was charged with two counts of first-degree murder and disposal of bodies two female victims. Both victims were found on an empty plot in Harrisonburg in late November.

These victims were identified as Allen Elizabeth Redman, 54, of Harrisonburg and Tonita Loris Smith, 39, of Charlottesville.

Robinson’s lawyer in Harrisonburg, Louis Naj, not disclosed any defense strategies before Robinson’s next appearance in court on May 9th.

Nagy asked the court to order the police to stop calling his client a “serial killer” and a “cart killer”. He also asks the court not to allow the police not to publish any information about the case in the media without the court’s permission – the judge did not schedule a hearing to consider the arguments.

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