Ukraine bans exports of wheat, oats and other foodstuffs

LONDON – The Government of Ukraine has banned the export of wheat, oats and other basic products is crucial for global food supply how the authorities are trying to ensure that they can feed people during Russia’s escalating war.

New agricultural export regulations introduced this week also ban the export of millet, buckwheat, sugar, live cattle, as well as meat and other “by-products” from cattle, the government said.

The ban on exports is necessary to prevent a “humanitarian crisis in Ukraine”, stabilize the market and “meet the needs of the population in essential food products,” said Minister of Agrarian and Food Policy of Ukraine Roman Leshchenko in a statement posted on the website. the government website and its Facebook page.

This is the latest indication that Russia’s invasion of Ukraine threatens food and livelihoods in Europe, Africa and Asia, which rely on the agricultural lands of the Black Sea region – known as the “breadbasket of the world”.


Russia and Ukraine together supply almost a third of world exports of wheat and barley, prices for which have risen since the invasion.

The products they ship are converted into bread, noodles and animal feed around the world, and any shortage can create food security in places like Egypt and Lebanon.

The ban on exports is likely to lead to a decline in global food supplies just when prices are at their highest level since 2011.

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