Tuesday is cooler and quieter weather; at night there is another rain

Roanoke, Virginia – Undoubtedly, the weather on Monday was VERY active with the heat, wind and thunderstorms we were dealing with.

The cold front that caused the wild weather has shifted to the east, and high pressure in the west is becoming our dominant weather factor today.

You can expect cooler temperatures, but also a quiet sky and wind.

Tuesday high temperature (Copyright 2022, – All rights reserved.)

The respite from the active weather will be short, as our next storm system will send the next way of rain by tonight.

The highlands could be cold enough to see snow. All other areas look wet, not white.

Future Tracker – Wednesday 6 p.m. (Copyright 2022, – All rights reserved.)

The rain will continue on Wednesday, the wettest weather will be in the morning. Dryer but cooler is expected in the afternoon and evening.

In general, most of us will get 0.5 to one inch of rain by Wednesday.

Precipitation is forecast until Wednesday (Copyright 2022, – All rights reserved.)

We have removed the possibility of rain from the forecast for Thursday and Friday, and in fact it looks like by the end of the work week we are warming up well. By Friday, look for the highs of the 60s.


The next cold front will move to the weekend. At this point, it seems like Saturday we will have a lot of rain and / or snow.

The next big deal is Saturday (Copyright 2022, – All rights reserved.)

Behind the front we will have a blast of winter air. Look for lows in teens and 20s on Sunday mornings!

Copyright 2022, – All rights reserved.

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