Trump attacks Bar: “He was weak, ineffective”

Former President Donald Trump speaks during a rally in Perry, Georgia, September 25, 2021 (AP Photo / Ben Gray, File)

(The hill) – Former President Trump attacked his former Attorney General Bill Barr on Friday, calling him “weak” and “ineffective” and accusing Barr of not doing more to combat Trump’s baseless allegations of widespread voter fraud in the presidential election. 2020.

“Former Attorney General Bill Barr would not have learned about voter fraud if it had looked him in the face – and it did,” Trump said in a statement. “The fact is that he was weak, ineffective and completely afraid of the impeachment that the Democrats constantly threatened to do. They “broke” it.

Trump also accused Bar of refusing to act on Trump’s allegations of election fraud and irregularities in the 2020 election because of a desire to “keep his own hiding place.”

Trump’s comments came after Bar told NBC News in an interview that the former president was angry when he told him there was no evidence that the 2020 election had been rigged. Bar’s opinion was supported by officials of both parties at the national level and in key countries.

“I told him that all this was election fraud. And, you know, it was wrong to put it the way his team was, ”Bar said, describing how Trump was“ very angry ”over the remarks.

Bar also said he offered to step down and that Trump accepted the offer. The former attorney general’s statement contradicts Trump’s assertion that it was he who asked for Bar’s resignation.

More than 13 months after leaving the White House, Trump continued to spread the misconception that he was robbed of the 2020 election and that he was the legitimate winner of the presidential race.

He has also repeatedly defended many of his supporters who took part in the riots in the US Capitol on January 6, 2021, accusing Democrats and so-called RINO – Republicans by name – of attacking these individuals for political gain.

The House of Representatives selection committee responsible for investigating the January 6 riots said in court this week that it found evidence that Trump and his company were trying to illegally obstruct the certification of votes in Congress and “participated in a criminal conspiracy to defraud the United States.” States.

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