Towed? Richmond debuts online tow truck tracker

RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) — Stolen or towed? Richmond residents no longer have to ask that question, thanks to a new database that will record every vehicle towed from the city’s streets.

The new siteled by the Ministry of Emergency Situations, will list all the equipment that is evacuated in the city and the addresses of the places where they can be picked up.

“This is another way to use technology to reduce the number of unnecessary calls,” said DEC Director Stephen Willoughby. “The public can check for themselves if their vehicle has been towed and where it is.”

The list will include information such as make, model, color, partial VIN and license plate, and the time the vehicle was towed. Each vehicle will be listed for 14 days, and the city encourages residents to check the site before reporting a vehicle stolen.

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