This is a bear battalion! The Hank tank turns out to be 3 bears

South Lake Tahoe, CaliforniaHank Tank it is actually a three-bear battalion.

DNA evidence now shows that the 500-pound black bear, nicknamed “Tank Hank” by the public, is in fact at least three not-so-small bears that have damaged more than 30 objects around Lake Tahoe in recent months.

The State Department of Fish and Wildlife on Thursday it said it would soon begin hunting bears in the South Lake Tahoe area to identify animals and gather evidence for genetic analysis. The bears will be released into a “suitable habitat”, and the agency said the project would not put any trapped animals to sleep.

The Bears are responsible for more than 150 reports of incidents in the region, which is in Northern California and Nevada, including a break-in at an apartment building in the Tahoe Keys area last week.


One of the Hankers smashed a window on Friday and squeezed into a house on Catalina Drive while residents were at home, CBS Sacramento reported. Police responded and slammed the outside of the house until Hank came out the back door and disappeared into the woods.

Also known as Jake or Yoga or simply Big Guy, the solitary bear at the time was described by one wildlife as “a bear who is very accustomed to food”, who “lost all fear of people” and considered them a source of food.

“What’s a problem with this bear is how big it is,” said Peter Thira, a spokesman for the California Department of Fish and Wildlife. SF Gate on Sunday. “They learned to use that size and power to break into a number of occupied living spaces by breaking through garage doors or front doors.”


As soon as the fishing attempts begin, the three Hankies – at least – may well form a brigade.

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