The Virginia Tobacco Commission is offering $ 1.5 million as repayment of a student loan to live and work in Southwest Virginia

Roanoke, Virginia – An organization from Virginia offers an incentive for recent college graduates to work and live in Southwest Virginia. In return, the group will help pay off student loans.

The Virginia Tobacco Commission has created a “Talent Attraction Program: Repaying Student Loans.”

“We are looking at revitalizing our communities, and people are talking about the brain drain of young people who leave, get an education and never come back. So this is our way of bringing people back into the community. And even bring in those who have never lived in our region, ”said Stephanie Kim, finance director of the Virginia Tobacco Commission.

To apply, participants must commit to living and working in one of the 40 localities identified by the commission as tobacco addicts.

“We are looking for recent graduates and we are determining that this year for December 2020 is December 2022,” Kim said. “And you have to be committed to working for two years on one of the relevant professions, which includes public school teachers, speech therapists, occupational and physiotherapists, industrial or electrical technicians, and information security and network computer system analysts,” she said.


By devoting two years, people can receive up to $ 24,000 in loan repayments and can even apply for an additional two years after that, which is $ 48,000 in student loan assistance.

“In the past, we have awarded 75 to almost 100 awards in one cycle. In fact we are doing it for the fourth year. We have about $ 1.5 million for this year’s program, ”Kim said.

To apply for the program, visit them website. The application deadline is March 31.

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