The video shows the driver making donuts, damaging the San Diego Padres field

SAN – DIEGO (KSWB) – The driver was filmed on Friday morning as he was riding his SUV across the Petco Park field in San Diego, tearing up the surface after making donuts.

Police said an unnamed driver was arrested on suspicion of vandalism.

While crews on the ground were preparing Petco Park for the season in the San Diego Padres, they were unprepared for what happened when the SUV suddenly came out of the tunnel on the field field.

“It’s definitely the strangest thing I’ve seen on the field,” said attorney Ryan Carlson, who watched the incident from his office overlooking Petka Park.

Carlson told KSWB Nexstar that he thought the driver was an employee who drove. But when the driver started tearing up the area and making donuts, he pulled out a cell phone to get the video that was first reported by the San Diego Union-Tribune.

“I just recorded it as a joke, saying,‘ You know, this guy is probably very angry because of the new playoff format that MLB is implementing, or, you know, the lockout itself, ’” Carlson said.

After a few moments, with fresh footprints all over the field, the joy was over as the brigade on the territory blocked the exit.

“As soon as the car stopped and people started surrounding it, then I realized I could witness a crime. At first it was not so obvious – no one had a real feeling, you know, urgency. Everyone was pretty calm, ”Carlson said.

Towards the end of the video the driver sits on the ground surrounded by staff until security arrives. Shortly after the incident, he was arrested by police.

KSWB appealed to Padres, who declined to comment on what happened.

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