The US team shines in the new Olympic competitions

BEIJING (NEXSTAR) – From the slopes to the ice here in Beijing, the Olympic Games will debut seven new competitions. And while the US team is thriving in the competition.

Let’s start with the last victory of the US team. Nick Baumgartner and Lindsay Jacobelis bring gold in the mixed team snowboard cross country. Baumgartner says getting the first gold medal in a new event is incredibly special.

“It’s amazing to come here and they’re starting this new event for us and we’re coming as veterans,” Baumgartner says. “I think it’s more special because for me, at least, I’m older and these kids are trying to adopt a sport in which we got so much fun and successful.”

Another gold for the US team in mixed team antennas. Chris Lils, Ashley Caldwell and Justin Schonenefeld flipped through the air. All their results were compiled together, which led them to victory.

The US team also found itself on the podium with freeski big air. The course consists of three attempts at one big jump and was new to both men and women. Colby Stevenson of the U.S. team brings home silver in a new competition.

«[I’m] still as if on a cloud. I’ve never been on the podium at a big air competition, so just come here and learn a new trick, make your last jump, it’s crazy, “says Stevenson.

A novelty is the female monobob. It has a sledge designed for one person who has to push and steer them across the track.

The mixed team short track relay also debuts at the Olympics. Four skaters from the country will take part in the relay.

Finally, the mixed team joins the springboard. Four athletes jump on a regular hill, with all individual scores added together to get a team score.

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