The U.S. ACF Culinary Team is training at the Culinary World Cup in Roanoke

Roanoke, VirginiaUS ACF Culinary Team stopped in Roanoke to practice at the Culinary World Cup.

The team consists of some of the best chefs from all over the country. They made stops all over the United States to practice in different cuisines. This week they are on Western Community College of Virginia preparation of new dishes for the competition.

The Culinary World Cup is one of the largest and most important culinary competitions in the world. More than 30 teams from all over the world will compete. It will take place from 24 to 28 November in Luxembourg. During the competition, the teams will prepare two different menus. One of them will be for the Restaurant Nations competition, where the chefs will prepare a three-course dinner for 110 people. The second part of the competition is for the chef’s table. This includes a seven-course meal for 12 people.


Chefs will be judged on things like texture, flavor profiles and portion sizes.

“We think what will happen next? What’s next? What will be next hot? This is what we are trying to develop because that is what we are trying to be. We try to be the people that everyone wants to emulate and come up with our ideas, ”said Kevin Storm, team leader of the American Culinary Federation. “We also design all our office clothes, all our clothes. So it also has a lot of research and development. “

Part of being on the team is giving back to the schools that host them. When chefs do not practice, they work with students from each school and teach them new techniques. They also offer to hold seminars for students while they are in town. It is an opportunity for students to chat with team members, learn about their pathways and build connections for their careers.


“Students in this school and in all schools are the future of this industry. So if we can get these students to accept or at least raise awareness of what we’re talking about, it will be a mission for the students to move forward, ”said John Colette, the team’s logistics manager.

Best of all, when the chefs prepare for the World Cup, any food they cook is returned to the students and the school.

The ACF Culinary team travels around the country to learn about the different products on offer in different parts of the country. The next stop on their journey is to Nebraska at the Metropolitan Public College.

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