The theme of the CNE Summit on November 17 is “Rethinking Philanthropy for a Healthy Democracy”

National and local perspectives on the strong links between a strong social sector and a healthy democracy will take center stage at the 2022 Center for Nonprofit Excellence Summit on Philanthropy Day.

The summit is scheduled for Thursday, Nov. 17, beginning at 9 a.m. at the Charlottesville Woolen Mill.

Entitled Rethinking Philanthropy for a Healthier Democracy, the summit will bring together collective voices and perspectives to examine mission-driven philanthropy that harnesses the power of a thriving social impact sector to build healthy and inclusive democratic societies.

Participants will include representatives from local government, the private sector, nonprofits, higher education, and grassroots community volunteers and advocates, all united in their efforts to build equitable, prosperous, and just communities for all.

“National and international news continues to confirm the reality that the social impact sector is critical to strengthening and sustaining the key elements that characterize a strong democracy: citizen empowerment, fair processes, responsive politics, information and communication, and social cohesion,” said head of the CNE. directed by Christine Nardi. “CNE’s community-building mission is inextricably linked to the need to develop and protect processes, policies, and interactions that weigh the interests and values ​​of all citizens equally, provide the common good, and create institutions that empower individuals to protect their rights.”

The summit will feature prominent national speakers, including Kristen Campbell, CEO of Philanthropy for Active Civic Engagement, and Robert Dortch, Board Chair of Philanthropy Southeast.

The summit will conclude with three public conversations to identify specific challenges and actions to strengthen the building blocks of prosperity that enable all people, families and communities to thrive, ensuring that everyone can participate in democratic processes and ensuring that those processes serve us effectively.

“We are excited to bring together different opinions and perspectives on this very relevant and broad topic, and continue our annual Philanthropy Day focus on celebrating the philanthropist in all of us and the power of our collective philanthropy to transform us and our communities,” Nardi said.

Details about the event, including registration for both in-person and live online streaming at

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