The suspect in 2018 in the 7-Eleven robbery was sentenced to 60 years

Virginia Beach, Virginia (VA) – One of the suspects in the 2018 robbery of 7-Eleven in Virginia Beach was sentenced to 60 years in prison.

One of the suspects in the 7-Eleven robbery in Virginia Beach in 2018 pleaded guilty to several charges.

Jasper Miles Win pleaded guilty in March 2021 to several charges, including robbery, attempted murder of a police officer, use of a firearm, conspiracy, kidnapping and wearing a mask in public.

The robbery took place at 7-Eleven in the 1700 quarter on Boulevard S. Independence on October 11, 2022.

Investigators say Win, now 23, and his accomplice Jacqueline McFaul planned to rob the store on foot, in masks and hooded sweatshirts.

For the first time, they encountered a woman saleswoman near the store and forced her to come under fire. The duo then ordered her and another clerk to come down to the ground and seized money and cigarettes.

Prior to the incident, Virginia Beach police were investigating several similar robberies in the area and patrolling possible targeted stores.

On the night of the incident, officers had just arrived at 7-Eleven and parked their surveillance van in the parking lot opposite the store when they saw the suspects drive the clerk inside.

Officers called in reinforcements and clashed with McFaul and Vin as they fled on foot. McFaul, carrying a bag of money and cigarettes, fled. He was later detained by a K-9 unit while hiding in a nearby yard.

When McFaul escaped, police said Vin turned to the officers and shot them. Officers opened fire in response. Win received a blow to his right forearm.

Later, one of the officers found a bullet hole in the lower leg of his uniform and a forehead wound on his leg. The bullet was also found from the officer’s van, where the second officer was standing during the shooting.

Win was detained a short distance behind a closed venture. Police confiscated Mask’s mask and gloves in the area where he was arrested.

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