The Sunday system scrapes us south with rain, snow

Roanoke, Virginia – A weak storm system in the south leaks the area on Sunday morning, forming light snow above 3,000 feet in some areas of Grayson, Carol and possibly Floyd and White counties. Any rain will be light from Patrick County east to Halifax County.

A lot of dry air is fighting the rainfall above, so we don’t expect it to stop this day too much.

Most of the area north of Highway 58 remains dry, with clouds gradually decreasing from north to south during the day.

High temperature forecast for Sunday, 27.02.2022

Monday will also be seasonally cool, but with more sunshine.

High temperature forecast for Monday, 28.02.2022

The end of February and the end of the meteorological winter have come. Most of the area has snowfall, almost below average, and Southside exceeds our snowfall forecast for the season.

Snowfall statistics for February 26, 2022

12% of our annual snow falls in March, but it won’t happen in the first week of the month. We will see highs in the 50s and 60s at least until the fourth day of the month.


The first days of March will be (mostly) out of season warm

The forecast of the Climate Forecast Center until March 8 shows a high probability of above-average temperatures, with most precipitation remaining only to the west.

Temperature and precipitation of the Climate Forecasting Center from 4 to 8 March 2022

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