The sun will end over the weekend, tracking the likelihood of rain next week

Portsmouth, Virginia (Wavy) – Lots of sunlight around when we finish our weekend, but cooler temperatures will also be.

Sunday will be less windy than Saturday, but it will be colder. With a light wind from the east across the coast, most of the day will feel below 40. Across the area the temperature will be 5-8 degrees below average. High pressure will limit the overall cloudiness and keep calm and cool. Pleasant and dry conditions for everything you can do outdoors.

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You may have noticed that the air has been feeling dry lately – your lips / skin may have felt it too. The dew point, an indicator of the amount of moisture in the air, was quite low. On Sunday, the race points will be for teenagers. It’s very dry air! Note, however, that dew points begin to increase over the course of a week. This occurs as extra moisture enters the area, which increases the chances of rain.

This week is unstable weather with daily rains across the region. Now not everyone will see rain every day throughout the day, but we will see some precipitation opportunities. Let’s talk about when this is most likely.

If you look at the regional maps, you can see how some of the heaviest rains will go west of us in KY, TN and nearby states. There may be 3-5 ″ precipitation with small floods. Here we do not expect so much rain. In fact, our total rainfall is about 1 inch per week, and in some places a little less.

The rain will go in waves, with the most likely rains on Wednesday and then again late on Thursday night. Timing may vary as these low pressure areas develop and move around the area, so check back within a week to find out about recent rainfall.

Luckily, the rain won’t affect the Daytona 500 today, which starts right after 2:30 p.m. You can watch the race on FOX 43. Do you have a favorite driver? Who do you think will win? Let me know next Facebook and Twitter.

Hope you have a great weekend!

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