The Stop the Violence Team from Norfolk brings teens to Harlem Globetrotters

The first of many social events they plan to hold for teens

Norfolk, VA (Wavy) – It may be an easy night to see Harlem Globetrotters, but the Stop The Violence team sees this as an opportunity; an opportunity for children to be children and an opportunity to have a positive impact on their lives.

STVT President Bilal Muhammad says such events are essential to give local teens the opportunity to safely connect and forget about problems in their communities.

“How can you grow up in an environment where weapons are available, bullets [are] they fly everywhere, ”he said.

This is a question that Muhammad would like him not to have to ask him, but given the violence in the Hampton Roads communities, he wants to find a way to help teenagers safely escape this harsh reality.

“How can you express yourself so that you understand and society understands that you need a better direction? We are going to give them a better direction, ”he said.

This direction takes the form of public culinary varieties or games in tug of war with local teens or even public forums.

He hopes to teach teens important lessons to keep them on track and avoid harm.

“Let’s go back to the old school of responsible community leaders and adults in the community,” he said.

Thanks to the help of community sponsors a group of teens from Young Terrace in Norfolk at the end of the month will see Harlem Globetrotters free for teens.

Norfolk Police, Norfolk City, NRHA, Rutter Mills, Shanell T-Shirts, Marathon Community Group and Metropolitan Funeral Home will assist STVT for the event.

He chose this area because he saw how violence has affected this community over the past year.

“Children are very traumatized by these various murders that have taken place. Now we need to get them out of this state, ”he said.

He needs help from the community to hold more events this summer, and he hopes more community groups will be involved in the effort.

“If we lose our youth, we have lost the future of our youth. We have to show them the best direction, ”he said.

If you wish to donate to STVT, send assistance to Mailbox 15399, Norfolk, Virginia, 23511.

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