The Staunton Council rejected two of the meetings, they were elderly

STOUNTON – This was not the first time that 94-year-old Albinos “Albert” Foss was removed from council halls by police on duty during a meeting of the Staunton City Council.

He was first removed because he spoke beyond the time allowed. The second time he was removed from the halls of the council, Fossa was declared inoperable. Simply put, he spoke at the wrong time.

“I will come here and rustle people’s feathers,” he told council members the night before he was physically removed for the second time on January 27.

This is Fossa.

Whether you agree with what he has to say or not, there is no doubt that he cares. He takes care enough to show up so people in the room know he’s done three injections, while board members check to see if he has a mask and then ask how he manages to make sure he’s with him all right.

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