The star of “Brady Bunch” comes to the Dulles Expo Center for a major renovation and exhibition of the garden

Barry Williams came into our homes every week as Greg Brady in “The Brady Bunch”. This Saturday he is coming to the Capital Remodel + Garden Show at the Dulles Expo Center.

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Jason Fraley of WTOP watches Barry Williams at the Dulles Expo Center (Part 1)

Barry Williams came into our homes every week as Greg Brady in “The Brady Bunch”.

This Saturday he comes in Overhaul + garden exhibition at the Dulles Expo Center.

“It’s a meeting and a greeting,” Williams told WTOP. “I also enjoy the show because I love renovating and gardening, so I will have the opportunity to look around. … They asked me to conduct a sit-down interview, ask and answer. … I don’t know if we will shake hands because of the pandemic, but we will have the opportunity to answer questions. “

He also plans to bring his trusty guitar to play a couple of tunes.

“The little Sunshine Day is probably Brady Bunch’s most famous song -” I think I’ll go for a walk outside, “Williams said. It’s not so much fun if you’re not choreographing “Brady,” so I found a way to bring the lyrics to the screen with bouncing swords. I teach choreography to Brady. … So become an honorary Brady. ”

He recently appeared on HGTV “Very Brady Repair” (2019), taking home, shown as the exterior of a TV, and making its interior a copy of the “Brady Bunch” set.

“It was more of a demo rebuild than a reconstruction,” Williams said. “It was the look of the house that didn’t match the interior of our headset. … That house is one-story, so we had to finish the whole floor – the stairs. … This is an almost 100% exact copy of what the set looked like. If you go into this house now, you will find yourself in the living room “Brady Bunch”.

Once a private home belonged to an elderly couple whose children sold it to HGTV for twice the price to remake it for eight episodes of reality television.

“They’re not doing anything about it now,” Williams said. “They just keep security there to keep it safe. … They can’t make it a tourist attraction and charge [money]because it is located in a residential neighborhood. I heard them talk about everything from VRBO to literally moving to Las Vegas, landing and building a hotel behind it! ”

Williams, born in Santa Monica, California in 1954, knew he wanted to be an actor.

“I was a neighbor of Peter Graves, whom we all know as Silver Phelps in Mission Impossible,” he said. “Around 10-11 I went into the kitchen and told my parents that they were standing in the way of my destiny. I wanted a career in show business. On their objections, I began to study acting, television scenes, even listening.

His first television role was in the drama series “Run for Your Life” starring Ben Gazar.

“The series is about a man who died of an illness and had to spend his whole life in two years – but the series went on for two!” Said Williams. “Then [came] “Dragnet,” “FBI,” “Invaders,” “Mod Squad,” “Gomer Pyle,” “That Girl,” a western called “Lancer,” and I ended up making “Mission Impossible,” my favorite show, yes that it has passed the full circle. “

His big breakthrough came with Greg Brady’s eldest son in “The Brady Bunch” (1969-1974).

“The studio knew about me,” Williams said. “They had a great casting. They brought in more than 1,200 children to try to pick everyone up and make them look the same and the right age, etc. … They just started to reduce it, so there were probably three or four different meetings and screen tests in three months, then they flew to all of us. ”

What was his personal favorite storyline from his favorite sitcom?

“Johnny Bravo was a hilarious storyline,” Williams said. “The kids held an amateur music competition, and the producer wanted to meet Greg and turn him into a rock star Johnny Bravo. … The only reason he’s really there is that they prepared a costume for another Johnny Bravo, but Johnny Bravo was fired, so they chose me because I approached the costume. “

He says people still quote him “The Brady Bunch” all the time.

I’ve been asked about episodes, and when I say, “Mars, Mars, Mars,” most people know what I’m talking about, or when I say, “Oh, my nose, my nose,” they’re thinking that Peter throw Marcia’s ball in the nose, ”Williams said. “It’s been a constant all these years, all these decades, because we have new generations of viewers.”

Today he is the oldest survivor.

“I’ve always been the oldest child,” Williams said. “Mike [Robert Reed]Carol [Florence Henderson] and Alice [Ann B. Davis] gone from life. Most recently there was Florence Henderson, just a couple of years ago, so I kind of switched to the role of Mike Brady. ”

The loss of screen parents hits hard, as does the recent death of Bob Saget from the film The Full House, in which Williams once played rival John Stamas in the film Jesse and the Rippers.

“I think because of the media, it’s so intimate that you go into people’s homes, their living rooms, their bedrooms … there’s a connection,” Williams said. “People feel they know these characters the way they are portrayed, so there is a connection. And it’s a reminder of time, it’s fun, but it ignites the heart. It’s like losing a family member. “

After “The Brady Bunch” was canceled in 1974, Williams toured with Broadway musicals.

“What I came across is musical theater,” Williams said. The first thing I did was move from Los Angeles to New York. They were going to hold a national tour “Pippin”. … I flew back to meet the producers and Bob Foss, the director. … I won the role. … I traveled to 90 cities, half a year, bus and truck. You have to be a child to do that! ”

He returned to Los Angeles to do the pop show “The Brady Bunch Hour” (1976-1977), as well as “Three’s Company” (1982), “General Hospital” (1984) and “Surder She Wrote” (1987).

“It’s all about diversity,” Williams said. “I was very lucky, lucky, at least I worked on television, in some feature films, I was a producer, I wrote the book‘ Rejoicing Brady ’, I did it in a TV movie for NBC, I‘ I was a DJ, I worked on SiriusXM on the 70s channel is about three years old and had a great time with it, so I was very lucky ”.

His autobiography “Growing Up Brady: I ​​Was a Teenage Greg” (1992) was a bestseller.

“I did another Broadway tour … I changed cities every week, but during the day I … signed books,” Williams said. “Harper Collins told me I had one of the longest book tours. … People were queuing around the store and I was selling a lot of books. … Today it would be very difficult to find such a copy does not have signed by me! ”

He even starred in a cameo role in “The Brady Bunch Movie” (1995), in which Greg was played by Christopher Daniel Barnes, who voiced Eric in “The Little Mermaid” (1989).

“I was a music producer, and Greg Brady wanted me to produce his music by offering the song‘ Brady Bunch, ’and I said,‘ No way, Greg, ’” Williams said. “Betty Thomas put it. I think she did a great job. She found the right pocket for humor, not indulgent. I thought it was very cute, but not so much a further film. ”

Today he is performing with his trio Barry Williams & The Travelers.

“It’s an electric guitar, an acoustic guitar, and my wife sings, the dancer hula and plays percussion,” Williams said. “I live Johnny Bravo’s dream!”

He now lives in Branson, Missouri, jumping on Zoom to hold a new one Real Brady Bros podcast. with his former colleague Christopher Knight, who played Peter Brady.

“It was his idea and he said,‘ A lot of the show I remember badly because he was very young [but] As a senior, you were much more involved, and you wrote a book, ”Williams said. “We’re jumping around [episodes] … breaking down what is small morality, what is takeaway, who were the invited stars. … We just dropped this thing two weeks ago. ”

Wouldn’t you know that? Their Zoom windows are very reminiscent of Brady Bunch titles.

“Wouldn’t it be cool if we got leftovers for it?” Said Williams.

Jason Fraley of WTOP watches Barry Williams at the Dulles Expo Center (Part 2)

Listen to our full conversation in my podcast “Beyond Glory”.

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