The selection of jurors for the first trial in the Capitol riots is resumed

WASHINGTON – The jury resumed on Tuesday at the first trial of one of the hundreds of Donald Trump supporters accused of storming the US Capitol last year.

The first is accused of rioting the Capitol, which is on trial Guy Wesley RefitOn January 6, 2021, a man from Texas was accused of bringing a gun to the Capitol grounds and obstructing police officers guarding the building. Refit is also accused of threatening his teenage children when they reported him to authorities after he returned home to Wiley, Texas.

A judge presiding over the Refit trial in Washington, D.C., individually interviewed more than 30 potential jurors on Monday, the first day of jury selection. U.S. District Judge Dobny Freidrich said she hopes to end the jury election on Tuesday to hear introductory remarks by lawyers later that day.


The Refit trial may be key to many other Capitol riot cases. The verdict will give prosecutors more leverage in plea negotiations with others. An acquittal can push other defendants to either seek a more lucrative plea deal or participate in their trial.

More than 750 people have been charged with federal crimes related to the riots following then-President Donald Trump’s “Stop Theft” rally. More than 200 of them have pleaded guilty, more than 100 have been convicted, and at least 90 more have trial dates.

According to prosecutors, Refit is a member of a militia group called the Texas Three Percent. The Three Percenters militia movement refers to the myth that only 3% of Americans fought in the Revolutionary War against the British.

According to prosecutors, Refit was armed with a handgun in a holster and body armor when he and others attacked police officers on the west side of the Capitol. The refit receded only after Officer Pepper sprayed him in the face, prosecutors said.


Defense attorney William Welch said there was no evidence that Refit had damaged property, used force or caused physical harm to anyone.

Refit faces five counts: obstruction of the official process, illegal presence on the Capitol with firearms, transportation of firearms during civil unrest, obstruction of law enforcement officers during civil unrest, and obstruction of justice.

The charge of obstruction of justice is related to threats he allegedly made against his son, who was then 18, and his daughter, who was then 16 years old. Refet told his children to “choose a side or die” and said they would be traitors if they reported it to law enforcement, prosecutors said.

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