The second CNN chief is leaving because of Kuoma’s internal investigation

LOS ANGELES – Alison Golust, CEO of CNN, whose relationship with Jeff Zucker led to his resignation as president of the cable network, is leaving after an internal investigation revealed violations of news standards, the parent company WarnerMedia.

On Tuesday, Gallust resigned after completing an investigation into former presenter Chris Cuoma and his brother, former New York Gov. Andrew Cuoma, according to a note from Jason Killar, CEO of WarnerMedia, CNN’s chief executive.

“The investigation revealed violations of the company’s policies, including CNN news standards and practices, by Jeff Zucker, Alison Holust and Chris Cuoma,” Killar said in a note.

WarnerMedia confirmed the note and repeated it in a statement. The company declined to comment further.

Chris Cuoma was fired after documents released by New York Attorney General Leticia James found that his behind-the-scenes role in helping develop his brother’s response to allegations of harassment was broader than previously acknowledged.


In James’ office, it was discovered that Andrew Cuoma was sexually harassing at least 11 women. The former governor resigned in August to avoid a possible impeachment trial.

In a note to Killar, he said the investigation, which ended last week, was based on interviews and viewing more than 100,000 texts and emails. The investigation was conducted by a third-party law firm led by a former federal judge, the note said.

“I understand that this news is exciting, frustrating and, frankly, painful to read. These are real feelings that many of you have, ”Kilar said. “We have the highest standards of journalistic integrity in CNN, and those rules should apply to everyone equally.”

In a statement Galust replied.

“Today’s statement by WarnerMedia is an attempt to take revenge on me and change the narrative of the media after their catastrophic actions in the last two weeks,” she said. “I am deeply disappointed that after advocating and upholding CNN’s highest standards of journalistic honesty for the past nine years, I have been treated the way I am when I leave.”


Golust, a former publicist who served as executive vice president and chief marketing officer of CNN, remained online after Zucker’s resignation earlier this month.

“Jeff and I have been close friends and professional partners for over 20 years,” she said in a statement issued at the time. “Recently, our relationship changed during COVID. I’m sorry we didn’t reveal this at the right time. I am incredibly proud of my time at CNN and look forward to continuing the great work we do every day. ”

Prior to joining CNN, Galust held the position of Director of Communications for Andrew Cuomo. Like Zucker, she previously worked for NBC. Both are divorced.

“I have acknowledged that relations have developed in recent years,” Zucker wrote in a note announcing the end of his nine-year term. “I was required to disclose it when it started, but I didn’t. I was wrong. “

Sugar has been an industry leader since he was the executive producer of the Today show in the 1990s. For the next decade, he headed NBC’s entertainment department, where he played an important role in hosting the reality show “The Apprentice” starring Donald Trump.

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