The Richmond School of Public Schools is postponing the approval of the 2023 budget

RICHMAND, Virginia (WRIC) – The Richmond Public Schools School Council met for more than four hours Tuesday night, approving a budget proposal for fiscal year 2023 on the main agenda.

Proposal for a budget of 23 f.g. revised was presented by RPS superintendent Jason Comras. The budget was revised after the last budget working session on 16 February.

Some changes included: an increase in the hourly rate for catering workers, an increase in investment in mental health support for staff and the withdrawal of the previously proposed reduction in arts specialist.

The operating budget proposed by Comras was $ 362,635,763. The amount of the capital budget was $ 9,086,800. The federal budget was proposed at $ 98,050,528.

A proposal to approve the budget was agreed, but the proposal failed in the general vote.

The school board agreed to postpone the decision on approving and adopting the budget for fiscal year 2023 to an extraordinary session to be held on Monday, February 28th.

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