The proposed budget of Newport-News schools provides for a 5% increase for staff, higher starting salaries

NEWPORT NEWS, Virginia (WAVY) – Like some other school units this fiscal season, Newport News public school officials recommend raising the salaries of most full-time employees and raising starting salaries.

Superintendent Dr. George Parker presented his proposed school budget for 2022-2023 during a Newport News school board meeting Tuesday night.

A budget of $ 359.4 million proposed a 5% salary increase for all full-time contract staff. It also makes adjustments to pay based on teachers ’experience. The average teacher will see growth of 6.5%.

The starting salary of teachers with a bachelor’s degree and no experience within the proposed budget will also increase from $ 47,000 to $ 50,000.

The minimum starting salary will also increase to $ 15 for all support staff who currently earn less. The bus driver’s salary will increase from $ 15.80 to $ 20.16 to keep drivers; this means that current bus drivers with 6-14 years of experience can earn up to $ 26.76 per hour, and those aged 15 and over – up to $ 34.83 per hour.

Parker recommended maintaining the current hiring incentive of $ 3,000 for new bus drivers, as well as a $ 2,000 bonus on the recommendation for current school staff.

Parker asked the school board to consider a one-time award for staff:

  • A $ 1,000 bonus for all full-time employees
  • A $ 500 bonus for all employees who are eligible for part-time work

“This bonus demonstrates the hard work of our staff to meet the daily needs of our school department and students while increasing vacancies this school year,” Parker said.

A public hearing on the proposed budget will be held on Tuesday, March 15, 2022, at 6:30 p.m. in the school administration building, 12465 Warwick Boulevard, Newport News.

On March 22, the school board will vote on the proposed budget.

The proposed budget will be available for review online. Read more on

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