The Prime Minister of Taiwan wants the athlete to be punished for wearing a Chinese suit

TAIBEI – The Prime Minister of Taiwan wants the Taiwanese Olympic skater to be punished for wearing a suit that would seem to be from the rival Chinese team during training.

Symbols on both sides are especially sensitive at a time when China’s ruling Communist Party, which declares Taiwan part of its territory, is trying to intimidate island democracy by flying fighter jets and bombers nearby.

Huang Yu-Ting, one of the four Taiwanese athletes at the Winter Games, posted a video on her social media page on January 23 showing her training in a Chinese costume, the Central News Agency reported. It says Juan apologized and deleted the video.

Prime Minister Su Zeng Zhang has asked the Ministry of Education and the Sports Administration to investigate so that Huang “receives an adequate punishment,” CNA reported, citing Cabinet spokesman Luo Ping Chen.

The Olympics are one aspect of Beijing’s large-scale campaign to isolate Taiwan.


The International Olympic Committee requires Taiwanese athletes to compete under the name “Chinese Taipei”, which hides the long-standing status of self-government of the island.

Taiwan’s sports administration has said Juan is not facing punishment, but he needs to “be more aware of the sensitivity of the policy in the Taiwan Strait,” according to CNA.

The leader of the Taiwanese team at the Olympic Games, Stephen Chen, said that the Chinese Olympic Committee in Taipei in April will consider whether Huang wore appropriate clothing, according to CNA.


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