The playwright “On Heights” singled out a strong song “Daphne Dive” at Signature Theater

She is best known for writing Lynn-Manuel Miranda’s book On Heights. Now Quiaro Allegri Hudes delivers “Daphne’s Dive” «

WTOP’s Jason Fraley publishes preview of “Daphne’s Dive” at Signature Theater (Part 1)

She is best known for writing Lynn-Manuel Miranda’s book On Heights.

Now supplied by Chiara Allegria Hudes “Daphne’s Dive” at the Signature Theater in Virginia.

“She was such an inspiration to Latin American artists,” director Paige Hernandez told WTOP. You can recognize her as one of the co-authors of the film “On Heights”, which recently debuted in cinema. She is also the author of several plays, including [the Pulitzer Prize-winning] “Water by the spoon.” … We are very excited to bring Daphne’s Dive to life. “

The story is about Puerto Rican bartender Daphne (Ryan Gonzalez), whose bar Philly hosts her younger sister Ines (Yesenia Iglesias), husband of politician Ines Acosta (James Whelan), eccentric artist Pablo (Jonathan) Athos Jen (Quynh-My Luu) and foster child Ruby (Jilin Carranza).

“Ruby is the one who sets everything in motion,” Hernandez said. “Ruby was found outside in the dumps behind the bar. Our game begins with the introduction of Ruby and who she becomes. … In many ways it’s close to Quiara’s real life, since her father owned a bar, she knows a lot of these characters. Now they have to be made up and live with us forever. ”

The bar serves as a meeting place in the style of “Cheers” to explore universal topics.

“Unlike any theatrical play I’ve seen, you can really understand how“ found families ”are created … how we can be resilient to each other, to the community,” Hernandez said. “There is also overcoming trauma, the way we cope with our coping mechanisms with the way we cope every day. It all sounds pretty true for what we’re going through together. ”

The most interesting thing is how the show has been going on for 20 years.

“Quiara wrote something amazing that we can see full arches of characters in 90 minutes,” Hernandez said. “Often you go to a show, it can happen in a year or a month, but we don’t know what happens after the show is over. [Here] we see them grow old; like what they do in the next scene, informs five years ago. ”

The passage of time is conveyed by stage designer Megan Raham.

“This is where we can bring the magic of theater, which looks like transitions and interludes, where you see these people grow old on stage,” Hernandez said. “They change right in front of you, move their things, reload the bar. … We can really move through time in an artistic and thoughtful way. ”

The bar includes visual shouts in both Philadelphia and Puerto Rico.

“Many of the actors identify themselves as African-Latinos,” Hernandez said. “You will see dots from our whole lives. … This is “Easter Egg Hunt” where a lot of what you see is what we brought from trips to different parts of the Caribbean… our family photos ”.

No matter where you come from, if you take the bar stool in Signature for “Daphne’s Dive,” you’ll go with the inspiration to overcome your own struggle for a brighter future.

“We have all at some point in our lives been broken or damaged goods – what choices we make to withstand, and who chooses to stand in our corner,” Hernandez said. “Any moment of pain, disturbance or injury is temporary. It’s not when you carry it as luggage … but the truth is that this moment is temporary. We can all get past it. ”

WTOP’s Jason Freley has published a preview of “Daphne’s Dive” at Signature Theater (Part 2)

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