The opposition party will elect a new leader in April

MADRID – The leader of Spain’s main opposition party Pablo Casado will remain in power until the beginning of April, when party members are expected to elect a new leadership after an ugly internal clash that, according to initial polls, has benefited conservatives. ‘opponents in the far right.

In a meeting that lasted until early Thursday, Kasada resisted pressure from high-ranking party members to resign immediately after a public exchange of corruption allegations with rising PP star, who in turn accused Kasada of political espionage.

In a statement, the party announced that Kassada would no longer run for party.

The meeting came the day after Theodore Garcia Egea, No. 2 of Casado, resigned as party secretary general, and calls for Kasado to follow him became more frequent, even from PP members who were his fierce supporters until hours ago.

Political observers and newspaper polls say unrest in Spain’s traditional conservative political force promises to largely benefit the far-right Vox party.


On Wednesday, Kasada delivered a speech in the lower house of Spain, which had all the elements of farewell. After he called on the government to “serve the greater good,” Kassada received applause from some party members who refused to support his leadership. Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez wished Kassado “the best in his personal life” in his response, and Kassado quickly left the hall before exercising his right to rebut.

Most regional leaders of the People’s Party and the conservative press of Spain support the regional head of northwestern Galicia, Alberto Nunez Feijoa, to resign when Kasada resigns. Feijoa, a veteran politician seen by many as a figure of consensus needed for a speedy restoration of peace, has not officially announced plans to run for the top party post.

Kasada, who became the party’s youngest president in late 2018, lost to Sanchez’s Socialists in two national elections. But his content on the party was destroyed by his rivalry with the Regional President of Madrid, Isabelle Diaz Ayusaa former friend whom Kasada brought to the forefront of the party.


After Ayus won a landslide election last year in the region around the Spanish capital, she demanded a bigger role in the party hierarchy.

Their brawl erupted on television in recent days when Diaz Union accused Casado and Garcia Aege of “spying” on her regarding her brother’s role in mediating a contract for a face mask with her administration in the deadliest days of the pandemic.

A day later, Kasada responded that the contract with her brother was “almost illegal” and worthy of a party investigation.

Both Ayuso and Kasada denied wrongdoing.

On the orders of opposition parties, the prosecutor’s office on Tuesday announced an investigation into the 1.7 million-euro deal from April 2020.


Wilson reported from Barcelona, ​​Spain.

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