The Nexus search warrant is the latest example in the company’s history

Virginia State Police and the Augusta County Sheriff’s Office executed search warrants at the Nexus Services office in Verona and the Fishersville area, where the company’s owners live.

Here’s a brief history of the company and its past dealings with law enforcement and the courts, as well as links to previous stories about Nexus that have appeared in The News Leader.

— Nexus helps arrange bond through licensed third-party insurance companies with federal insurance companies for people held in immigration detention centers pending court cases.

— The company grew rapidly, had its headquarters in Verona, as well as offices in other American cities.

— The Nexus founder owned a home in recent years (and possibly still does) in Fishersville’s windy Point neighborhood near Food Lion. In addition, Nexus at one time owned several other homes nearby, which the company rented out to people who were foreclosure clients. Neighbors complained about it earlier patrolled by armed private security officers neighborhood on behalf of Nexus. Company officials said it was necessary because the Augusta County Sheriff’s Office had a grudge against them.

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