The next-gen Google Tensor G2 chipset is likely to improve GPU performance over its predecessor

San Francisco: Ahead of the launch, a new report claims that tech giant Google’s supposed next-gen chipset – the Tensor G2 – is likely to improve GPU performance over its predecessor. According to the whistleblower, the new chipset will use the same processor as the original Tensor, according to Android Central. An alleged internal specification leak has surfaced from an alleged Pixel 7 Pro test unit. A device that passed the Geekbench test revealed more details about Google’s next Tensor chip. Google Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro launch date leaked online: report.

In a series of tweets, the tipster broke down important information about the new chip based on benchmark data. The benchmark shows the Tensor G2 processor system including two Core X1 cores, two Cortex A76 cores and four Cortex A55 cores, just like last year.

Although the architecture looks identical, the tipster said that there is a significant variation in the frequencies of these cores. For example, the frequency of the Cortex X1 has been increased from 50 MHz to 2.85 GHz. Likewise, the frequency of the A76 cores has increased from 100 MHz to 2.35 GHz, according to the report.

The Geekbench test also shows a slight increase, up to 10 percent, in multi-core performance. The advisor noted that given the performance of the Cortex X1 cores that performed well on the original Tensor, the next-gen chipset will perform better.

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