The NC community shows its love for plane crash victims through fundraising, other forms of support

DOWN EAST, NC (WNCT) – After Sunday’s fatal plane crash, the Down East community mourns its loss.

Wearing blue and gold Wednesdays and camouflage on Thursday and Friday are just some of the simple ways the community comes together for these victims and their families.

The search for the victims of the Carteret County plane crash ends after all the remains have been found

“At a time when there is a boundless sense of sadness and grief, there is also a boundless sense of love and support for each other,” said Surf Shack Eatery owner Ashley Surfas.

The Coast Guard is suspending searches for plane crash victims in Carreret County on Sunday; the vigil took place Tuesday night

Love is demonstrated in a variety of ways, from fundraising to blue ribbons and the hashtag “Carteret Strong” to “Prayer for the East” signs throughout the county. All this shows how this community is still faltering, but uniting after this tragedy.

Angie Goodwin, Stephanie Fulcher, Ashley Surfas and James Fulcher in front of the Surf Shack Eatery at the annual Sarah James Fulcher Red Fish Tournament on Cedar Island. (Photo added)

A Carteret County citizen makes blue bows in honor of the crash victims

The rival schools of East Carteret High School, where four teenage victims attended the school, have blue and gold team colors.

“When it comes to such tragedies, we are sisters and brothers, friends and family, and that’s why we get together,” said Kay Zimarina, director of the Croatian High School.

Carteret County communities with broken hearts about the accident, the fate of the participants

And on Thursday they will be wearing camouflage in honor of what the four boys loved to do most: hunting. East Carteret High also hopes to hold a “camouflage game” at Friday night’s basketball game against Pamlik County.

Grocery store Donations for families began collecting on Monday, and as of Tuesday, they had raised more than $ 1,200.

“It was a natural reaction to just help everyone who was involved in it,” said Trevor Barnes, a butcher from Lookout Grocery.

And on Saturday, the owner of Surf Shack Eatery will hold a fundraiser for families. Surfas said she knew some of the victims personally. She knew she had to help in the best way she could by cooking.

“We want them to know that they are not alone. You know, we hurt them, you know, we want to bear each other’s burden, you know, and comfort those who need comfort, ”Surfas said.

Surfas added that there will be others at the event with T-shirts and stickers that will also be sold, and this proceeds will also go to families.

And then Core Sound Waterfowl Museum and Heritage Center also collects donations online for families of victims. This is just one of the many efforts that businesses and citizens include to help and express their support.

Here are some other ways the community is revitalized to help families.

Sandy Flower Shop in Beaufort blue ribbons are handed out

The seaside department store and restaurant on Harkers Island accepts donations for families. Credit card donations can be made by calling (252) 728-5533

On February 23, the Big Rock barber shop in Morehead donates all its proceeds directly to families

This weekend Goodyear All American Speedway will be raising money for the families of the victims

Local fundraising for T-shirts for families

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