The murder of Notorious BIG 25 years later did not close

The infamous BIG, who became the rapper and rap single of the year, holds on to his awards on the catwalk during the annual Billboard Music Awards in New York, in this photo file on December 6, 1995. (AP Photo / Mark Lennihan, File)

(KTLA) – Wednesday marks 25 years since the rapper Notorious BIG was fatally shot dead in Los Angeles, and a quarter of a century since then, the identification of the perpetrators has been elusive.

A Brooklyn native, Christopher Wallace, was leaving a party at the Petersen Car Museum on the morning of March 9, 1997, when a car pulled up next to him and opened fire.

The rapper, also known as Biggie Smalls, was taken to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, where he died of his wounds at the age of 24.

So far, the legacy of Biggie Smalls – whose hits include “Juicy”, “Big Poppa” and “Who Shot Ya” – lives on, as does his feud with Tupac Shakur, who was fatally shot dead in Las Vegas a year earlier and whose murder also remains unsolved.

Charges of responsibility were leveled at music industry figures and gang members even Los Angeles Police Department staffbut so far no one has been convicted.

FBI retired agent Phil Carson, however, claims the truth has not been found.

“It’s resolved,” he said. “Los Angeles police even indicate in their police records, which are under seal, who was involved and who helped organize the murder.”

According to these documents, Marion “Suge” Knight, the famous music director who founded Death Row Records, used LAPD officers and one of the officers ’friends to kill the rapper as revenge for Shakura’s murder, which was signed to the death row.

In an email, a LAPD spokesman said the case was still open and declined to comment.

The officers accused of involvement are Rafael Perez and David Mack, who were later implicated. Rampart scandal in LAPDsaid Carson.

Carson claims that Maca’s friend, Amir Muhammad, was the one who pulled the trigger. He said there was evidence that all three men were at the Petersen Car Museum on the night of the deadly shooting.

After the scandal with Rampart and the beating of Rodney King and subsequent lawsuits, the LAPD decided to protect its finances and reputation, while protecting these officers, Carson claims.

In the years since the murder, Mack and Knight have spent time in prison, Mack for robbery and Knight for fatal blow in 2015.

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