The man pleaded guilty to robbing a bank in Lisburg in 2021, which led to the search for a father and son

A man from Virginia has pleaded guilty to two offenses in connection with the robbery of the Lisburg Bank in 2021.

A man from Virginia has pleaded guilty to two offenses in connection with the robbery of the Lisburg Bank in 2021.

66-year-old Kenneth Senseiver of Winchester confessed to two crimes: robbery with threat or intimidation and possession or transportation of ammunition to convicted criminals. The plea agreement limited the sentence to five years in prison.

According to the plea agreement and the proposed fact, on November 19, 2021, Sensiver handed the cashier at M&T Bank on East Market Street a note demanding money and saying he had a gun.

Prosecutors said the note was written on graph paper and had been drawn up many times. Kolyarka recalled that the note read: “I am armed; Give me all the money you have in the drawer; do not put packs of dyes. I’m not alone, people are watching, they are ready to shoot or kill. “

The cashier handed over $ 525, and SensiDiver left the bank. As he walked away, the cashier saw a bundle of dye explode.

Investigators said Sensivener’s son Kenneth II was waiting for him in the car.

Two days later the couple was arrested after the chasewhich began in Frederick County, Virginia, ran through Clark County and ended in Purcellville, on the campus of Patrick Henry College.

The witness noticed the car in which the senior Sencindiver was driving after the robbery. When a Pursell police officer approached, Sensindiver released the straps of the book bag that sat at his feet. Inside the bag were cartridges for a .38 special in a cartridge box.

SensiDiver had an extensive criminal history and is a registered sex offender in Virginia. In 2017, he pleaded guilty to attempted rape in Winchester.

In the previous case, according to Winchester Star, SensiDiver sexually assaulted a 19-year-old woman in a dressing room commercial store where she was trying on clothes. He was armed with a knife.

Initially, Sensinder was charged with using firearms during a felony, two counts of transporting weapons to criminals and two other charges of possession of ammunition by criminals.

In 2021, the General Assembly of Virginia created four classes of robbery and changed the types of punishment associated with robbery events.

Because the cashier did not notice the gun and there were no other indications that he was armed other than a note, the Ludown County Attorney’s Office found that there was insufficient evidence to prove the case beyond a reasonable doubt.

In addition, the prosecutor’s office said that no matter how many weapons and ammunition the convict has, he can be charged with only one charge of illegal possession of weapons or ammunition.

Loudon County Court Judge Douglas Fleming has adjourned the verdict of guilty until he considers the sentencing report, which has yet to be submitted. The verdict in the case is scheduled for June.

Earlier, the district court dropped the charge of robbery against Sensindiver’s son.

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