The main trends and choices for Superbowl 2022 commercials

Roanoke, Virginia – Super Cup commercials took a record $ 7 million for thirty-second place. This year’s game advertisement was sold out.

Chris Hanson, creative director of Access Media, joined News Virginia Today to talk about some of the trends we saw in 2022.

Henson says some new products have been advertised, such as cryptocurrency, electric cars and sports betting, but the real trend has been “callbacks”.

He points to:

  • Dr. Evil for GM Electric Vehicles

  • Jim Carrey / cableman for Verizon 5G

  • The whole series of ads Michelob Bowling Alley with Steve Buscemi with a call back to the Great Lebowski

  • Larry David is doing his Curb Your Enthusiasm case with a story for FTX

  • Lindsay Lohan for Planet Fitness

He also had a favorite commercial during the game:

  • Rocket Mortgage Barbie Dreamhouse with Anna Kendrick

  • Alexa app with Scarlett Johansson and husband Colin Yost

  • Little NFL players

  • Nissan with Eugene Levy

  • Uber Eats gets extra points for killing the product name

  • Zeus for BMW electric car

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