Tuesday, February 7, 2023
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The High Court sided with the government in the Gitmo state secrets case

FILE – In this photo, viewed by U.S. military officials, the sun sets behind a closed X-ray camp isolator on April 17, 2019 at Guantanamo Naval Base, Cuba. The Biden administration was quietly laying the groundwork for the release of Guantanamo detainees and at least came close to closing it. (AP Photo / Alex Brandon, file) (Alex Brandon, Copyright 2019 . All rights reserved.)

WASHINGTON – The Supreme Court on Thursday ruled in favor of the US government in a case related to participation The Guantanamo detainee is looking for classified information provided by the government.

Abu Zubaida, who was seized in Pakistan in 2002, was once considered a high-ranking member of the al-Qaeda terrorist group. He was tortured while being held in so-called CIA black centers abroad before being transferred to Guantanamo in 2006. Zubaida sought the testimony of two former CIA contractors as part of a Polish investigation into his treatment.

Judge Stephen Breer wrote in an opinion joined by six of his colleagues that the government argued that “Zubaida’s request for identification could force former CIA contractors to confirm the location of the detention site, and that the confirmation itself would significantly harm national security interests.”


“In our view, the government has provided sufficient support for its claim of harm to guarantee the exercise of the privilege,” he said.

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