The family is devastated after Richmond’s mother died in a motorcycle accident

RICHMAND, Virginia (WRIC) – Family members were broken up after a loved one died in a motorcycle crash in Martinsville earlier this week.

On Wednesday night, Virginia State Police said they were called to the intersection of Roads 1112 and 667 after a motorcycle veered off the right side of the road and crashed into a conductor for a pole.

A devastating video from BTW 21 in Martinsville shows the aftermath of the mall accident.

According to police, the driver, 36-year-old Dillard Ray Scott Fleming, and the passenger, Fleming’s girlfriend, 42-year-old Melinda Kingsley, were thrown off the motorcycle during the accident. Kingsley died at the scene.

Anna Young is Kingsley’s mother. According to Young, she last saw her daughter on July 4. Young said she was devastated and wished she had more time with her.

“Now that she’s gone, my body is numb,” Young said. “It is very difficult for someone to lose a child. To lose a child the way I lost a daughter. ”

Kingsley’s sister Makeshi Barahona said Kingsley tried to contact last week and Barahona did not answer the call.

“I’m still shocked. I can’t believe she’s gone, ”Barahona said. “I’d really like to talk to her and get her not to ride that bike.”

Young said her daughter is the mother of three children, and described her as loving, adventurous, caring and cheerful.

“It was my child. It was my youngest, ”Young said.

According to police, Fleming was taken to a hospital in Roanoke. Virginia State Police have said the crash is being investigated.

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