The deadline for filing individual tax returns and up to $500 refunds in Virginia is Tuesday

In Virginia, if you miss Tuesday’s tax deadline, you could lose some of the free money from the state.

If you live in Virginia and have not filed your 2021 individual income tax form, the deadline is Tuesday. If you miss this deadline, it could cost you in more ways than one.

In previous years, Virginia residents had until May 1 to file their tax return. But this year there was an automatic six-month extension for filing, making November 1 the extended deadline.

If you miss the tax deadline on Tuesday, you could lose some of your free money from the government, in addition to other problems.

This year, Virginia offers one-time income tax benefits up to $250 for individual filers and $500 for married couples filing jointly. The deadline to qualify for this discount is Tuesday.

Here’s a video explaining this year’s discount in Virginia.

Virginia Tax Commissioner Craig Burns says returns filed electronically are processed the fastest, with a turnaround time of about two weeks.

“Like last year, we encourage taxpayers to file electronically and request refunds when they come in via direct deposit,” said Tax Commissioner Craig Burns. “We would also like to remind taxpayers that in order to be eligible for the one-off income tax credit, they will need to file by November 1. It generally takes up to two weeks to process an electronically filed return and up to eight weeks to process a paper return.”

To learn more about Virginia’s one-time discount eligibility, visit the state website.

WTOP’s John Aaron contributed to this story.

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