The Chicks are back on tour in 2022 after a long break

Nashville, Tenn. – Thirteen-time Grammy winners The Chicks are back on tour, this is their first major trip since 2017 and the first concerts since the release of their fifth studio album “Gaslighter”.

This was announced on Monday by a multi-platinum women’s trio for hits such as “Wide Open Spaces”. Tour chickens from June to August will affect 27 cities in North America.

“While we were recording the album‘ Gaslighter ’, I kept imagining performing all these songs on tour,” said Marty Maguire, who along with her sister Emily Strayer and Natalie Mains make up The Chicks, in a statement to the AP. “The final payout is always a live show for us.”

Chickens released “Gaslight” in 2020, their first studio album in 14 years, but the pandemic thwarted plans for the tour. This summer tour will begin in St. Louis on June 14 with stops in Chicago, Toronto, Boston, Charlotte, two nights in Los Angeles and the Red Rocks Amphitheater in Denver.


“Most of all, I missed touring the first minutes of every show,” Strayer said.

The opening of the tour includes singer and songwriter Patti Griffin, Grammy winner, and indie rocker Jenny Lewis.

“Most of our fans know that we are Patty’s fans,” Maine said in a statement. “The three of us saw her at The Ryman back in 1998, and we haven’t left her alone since!

Tickets go on sale Friday.



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