The candidate for the Council was accused of attempting to assassinate the future mayor

Louisville, Kentucky – Candidate for Louisville metro council charged with attempted murder opened fire on the mayoral candidate On Tuesday, police said his shirt was hit by a bullet at his campaign headquarters.

Louisville Police spokesman Aaron Ellis said 21-year-old Quintez Brown also faces four counts of danger.

Brown, who is running as an independent, was arrested on Monday after witnesses said he shot several times at the headquarters of Democrat Craig Greenberg, who told reporters he was “shocked but safe” after the attack. Greenberg said he was in the campaign office with four colleagues when a man with a weapon appeared at the door.

“When we said goodbye, he pulled out a gun, aimed it straight at me and started firing,” Greenberg said.

One officer managed to close the door, which they barricaded with “tables and desks,” and the suspect fled, he said.


“Even though one bullet came so close that it hit my sweater and shirt, no one was hurt,” Greenberg said.

Police said the motives were being investigated. According to them, the suspect acted alone.

Brown, a civil rights activist, former trainee and editorial columnist for The Courier Journal, the Louisville newspaper reported.

Police detained the suspect near the campaign headquarters shortly after responding to reports of an “active aggressor” at about 10:15 a.m. Monday, Louisville Metro Police Chief Eric Shields said.

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