The bill to protect Virginia residents from “cyber-flashes” is almost a law

Virginia’s divided legislature is uniting to make it harder for “cyber-flashers” to get away with their crimes.

The divided legislature of Virginia is uniting to aggravate the so-called “cyber-flashing” crimes.

A two-party bill on indecent exposure on the Internet has already passed through the Commonwealth A Senate controlled by Democratsand on Tuesday passed the Republican-controlled House of Delegates.

Bill, SB 493is sent back to the Senate for an amendment before reaching the table of Governor Glen Yangkin.

SB 493 is aimed at criminals who knowingly send intimate images to other adults online without that person’s consent. Speaking in the current language of the bill, a person who has received a clear image can sue for damages or $ 500 – whichever is greater.

The court may deter the offender from re-offending.

“Today, Democrats and Republicans have worked together to protect Virginia residents from receiving unwanted intimate photos,” he said. Senator Jennifer McClellan, D-Richmond, in a news release Tuesday night.

“Virginians deserve protection from obscene exposure, whether online or offline. I appreciate the work of the leaders of the two parties behind this bill and the voters who supported it. I look forward to when Governor Yangkin signs this bill to make Virginia safer and stop criminals who send unwanted lewd photos. ”

McLellan, the main patron of the bill, quotes Fr. 2017 Pew Survey which found that 53% of young American women were sent to unsolicited open material online, as were 37% of young American men.

The bill intends to affect cyber-flycatchers, which are aimed at persons over 18 years of age, as there are already laws in place to protect minors from such behavior.

Michelle Bash of WTOP contributed to this report.

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