That’s where the bills stand during the General Assembly break

RICHMAND, Virginia (WRIC) – A busy program of the day was passed by the General Assembly before the critical time, but in a divided government some of these successes are likely to be short-lived.

Tuesday was the middle of the 2022 session. It was the last day that lawmakers passed bills from their chambers before they moved to the other side of the State Capitol for consideration.

Here are some bills that need to be closely monitored:

Tax reform

Gov. Yangkin’s tax reform program was passed Tuesday by the Republican-controlled House of Delegates, but many components have already been rejected in the Senate, where Democrats still have a majority.

Bills on food tax cuts have received bipartisan support in both chambers, but there are some key differences that need to be addressed. Like now House version would abolish the entire tax, including the one percent local component, while Senate proposal would abolish only the state part.

The push for a one-time tax return to Virginia residents has also received approval from both sides. The Offer home will give $ 300 to individuals and up to $ 600 for married individuals filing a joint tax return for 2021 taxable years. The Senate abstained on setting the amount until later in the budget process.

Legislation that would provide tax breaks on part of military aid almost received unanimous support in both chambers.

On the other hand, accounts suspension of gas tax increases, requires a voter referendum for some local property tax increases and doubling the standard deduction for the state income tax has already been killed in the Senate. A similar fate awaits them when they return from the House.

Education bills

As for education, the bills seem to have an understanding inform parents about educational materials of a sexual nature and restore reporting requirements for some crimes committed at school. Both bills passed from the Senate with some support from the two parties.

The Senate rejected these bills aims to create new ways to approve statutory schools but a compromise on expanding “innovation lab schools” receives approval from both sides of the aisle. However, Democrats warned not to entertain a version of the laboratory school bill that was passed in the House of Delegates on Tuesday because it gives private business too much influence and doesn’t do enough to protect public school funding. Without a deal this push can also be short.

Republicans in the House of Representatives will also face a tough battle trying to push the scores outlaw training or training of “separating concepts” in schools as well legislation that sets stricter requirements for the hiring of school resources.

Governor Yangkin on Tuesday, amendments were made to the bill allows parents to waive school mask responsibilities. From March 1, 2022, local residents will have to abide by the law until the House of Delegates adopts the amendments, as expected, by now.

Sale of marijuana

Tuesday Senate passed the bill this will allow sales of recreational marijuana to begin on September 15, 2022, but only through certain medical cannabis suppliers and cannabis processors. Later, the market will expand to other businesses that may open in 2024 after the creation of a new government agency. Only those aged 21 and over could legally purchase these products.

This comes after the General Assembly legalized limited adult ownership and home cultivation in 2021.

Republicans in the House of Representatives have not passed their own version of the law that allows retail sales, but they have promised to make significant changes if the Senate bill crosses. If lawmakers fail to reach a consensus, efforts could fail and delay sales indefinitely.

Another bill aims to stop the spread of Delta-8, Cannabis compounds are increasingly found in stores, changing the definition of marijuana. It also prohibits the production and sale of marijuana in human, animal, vehicle or fruit form so as not to attract children.


The most controversial abortion bill of the 2022 session died after that Republicans in the House of Representatives have decided not to act on it. This would prohibit most abortions after 20 weeks of pregnancy, if some claim that the fetus may feel pain.

However, on Tuesday the Chamber adopted two other proposals. This will require written informed consent and “a complete, reasonable, and understandable medical explanation of the nature, benefits, risks, and alternatives of the proposed procedures”.

Another bill provides for punishment for serious crimes for health professionals who do not take life-saving measures in the rare event that a child is born alive while attempting an abortion.

Both bills will have difficulty with commissioning and passing to the Senate, where at least one Democrat advocating for life can support them.

Police reform

The House passed bills the Marcus Alert alert system for mental health emergencies is optional for settlements and environments new requirements for civilian oversight bodies. Republicans want it too lift the recent ban on uninterrupted warrants and a law prohibiting police from receiving certain military equipment.

On the Senate side, lawmakers voted to expand the oversight of Virginia Police Department, enabling them to use facial recognition databases to identify all those involved in “a specific criminal incident or a specific welfare situation”.

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