Support for black-owned wineries during Valentine’s Day

Portsmouth, Virginia (Wavy) – Did you know that Virginia is actually home to the first black winery in the United States?

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On this Valentine’s Day you can support distilleries and small business owners who have followed in their footsteps. For many business owners starting a business can be the hardest part. For the entrepreneur Kindra Dion, she decided the juice should be squeezed … literally.

Her business Fifty Leven Wine, is one of several black Virginia wineries. Dion says the lack of representation is one of the reasons why she felt attracted to the industry.

“I would like to see the industry very similar to our country, but this is not a disgrace to the industry it has historically been,” Dion explained.

Her store is based online and currently has no physical location.

As a business owner, she felt it was important for young entrepreneurs to see someone who looks like them succeed … but also to see that person fail and keep going. Dion works with younger children in business classes and always tries to inspire them to pursue their own dreams.

It’s not always rainbows and candy, Dion makes sure her students know how hard it is to own a business. Through the slowdown of the pandemic, holiday jumps, such as Valentine’s Day, can mean big things for any small business. She says that if you are hoping for great meaning behind the gift you are making, try to think small.

“It’s not just about candy. We are talking about supporting a business owned by blacks, supporting a business owned by women, supporting small businesses, supporting local businesses and drinking really good wine. And on the back of the bottle there is an incredible message. So look for something like this? That says a lot. “

Fifty Leven is just one of a wide range of small businesses that you can maintain this month’s black history year-round. Here are some Dionne recommendations:

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