Sunday will be cooler, but more sunny

A chilly coolness is expected across the region on Sunday, also thanks to the wind.

Winds will continue to be strong from the northwest today, bringing wind chill values ​​of 5-10 degrees at times. As high pressure moves in from the west, winds will ease on Sunday and Monday.

The maximum temperature will rise to 40 degrees in most of the region this afternoon. Temperatures will cool to 20 degrees inland, away from water, and 30 degrees near the coast tonight. The combination of the wind easing and the absence of cloud cover will provide good radiative cooling at night.

We’re kicking off the work week with good weather on MLK Day Monday. Highs should climb into the 50s. On Tuesday, short-term rains are expected with the approach of the front from the west. On Tuesday morning, it will rain in some places until noon. Another rain is expected on Thursday.

While we will have some rain, the reward is slightly warmer temperatures. Highs should be in the 50s to 60s Tuesday through Thursday.

Hope you have a great weekend!

Meteorologist Ricky Matthews

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