Sui, Khan finally earned Olympic gold in pair figure skating

BEIJING – Sui Wenjing and Han Tsung exploded from their seats in the kissing and crying zone, and a small and carefully selected crowd of Chinese fans in the stands did the same when their results were read in the doubles competition at the Beijing Olympics.

Four years after the crushing disappointment at the Pyeongchang Games, when they lost the gold medal by the smallest margin, Sui and Khan turned the scenario around: they were the ones who left as Olympic champions by a small margin.

Sui and Khan set a world record of 239.88 points, performing flawlessly at random in the performance “Bridge through the troubled water”, beating rivals from Russia Eugene Tarasov and Vladimir Morozov by only 63 hundredths of a point.

This is the step at which Sui and Khan lost 43 hundredths of a point four years ago.

The difference in gold and silver may have been reduced to the sloppy start of the triple Salkhs Tarasova and Morozov, which did not allow them to score 16 hundredths of a point, which they lagged behind Sui and Khan after a short program.


Tarazova and Morozov, who are partly coached by the polarizing Ether Tutberidze, finished with 239.25 points to win the silver medal, and teammates Anastasia Mishina and Alexander Goliamov, the current world champions, scored 237.71 points to win the bronze and bronze medals. – and the Winter Games for Russians.

Their team won two of the five gold medals in figure skating and six medals in total, but in the future the total may change because the Russians also dominated the news cycle: another Olympic doping scandal.

One of the gold medals now belongs to Kamila Valieva and her teammates, who manually won the team standings to start the Beijing program. But that medal was stripped after a positive pre-Olympic drug test in Valieva, which took fourth place in women’s competitionsappeared during the first week of the Winter Games.


International Olympic Committee refused to be awarded medals, are concerned that a full doping investigation could lead to their eventual redistribution. But the U.S. team filed an appeal to the Court of Arbitration for Sport on Saturday to hold a medal ceremony ahead of Sunday’s closing ceremony; the Americans won silver and Japan bronze.

This meant that the American couple Alex Knierim and Brandon Fraser, as well as rivals from Japan Rick Miura and Ruichi Kihara performed in Saturday’s skating, not yet sure when they will win team medals.

They didn’t seem too worried about it.

Miura and Kihara went almost flawlessly in Sean Phillips’ pronunciation program “Woman”, jumping from ninth after their short program and briefly taking first place. Knirim and Fraser made only one mistake in their triple Salkhs, and the best season of 138.45 for their short program briefly put them in the lead.


Neither team was enough to get on the podium, but it was a great way to finish the Olympics.

“It’s crazy. These are nuts, ”Fraser said. “It was a real dream come true – it was our real identity. We didn’t let our nerves win. I made one technical mistake in the jump. Everything else we did was solid.”


Associated Press authors Aaron Morrison and Sally Ho contributed to this report.


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