Stories of courage: Ukrainians are protesting to defend their country

While the war is going on all over Ukraine, stories of heroism and courage are filling social networks.

On Friday morning, President Vladimir Zelensky appeared in a video urging Ukrainians to stay and fight Russia, signing a battle cry “Glory to Ukraine.”

Two Hall of Fame boxers, brothers Vitaly and Vladimir Klitschko, enlisted in the reserve army of Ukraine earlier this month. They both intend to defend their country.

Vitaly, who is also the mayor of the Ukrainian capital Kyiv, said he would fight in the streets if needed.

“I have no choice,” he told ITV’s Good Morning Britain reporter in an interview Thursday. “I should have done it … I will fight. “

Even the Ukrainian parliament sets the tone, MP Kira Rudzik wrote on Twitter: “Our women will protect our soil just like our men.”

Other tweets claim that civilians are taking up arms on the streets of Kyiv, repeating the same battle cry “Glory to Ukraine!”

Hundreds of miles in the Black Sea, several reports said 13 Ukrainian guards were killed as Russia caught up with Snake Island, a small military outpost.

Faced with almost certain death, Ukrainian forces refused to lay down their arms, choosing instead the words of the call: “Russian warship. Go alone.

The video of the exchange, widely circulated on social media, was confirmed by the Washington Post as genuine, and NewsNation confirmed that the translation was correct.

As the death toll rose and more people were injured, hundreds of people rolled up their sleeves to donate blood.

But perhaps the most elusive hero is a Ukrainian fighter pilot, nicknamed the “ghost of Kiev.”

Photos and videos on social media claim that the pilot alone shot down six Russian planes. These reports are currently unverified.

NewsNation appealed to the Armed Forces of Ukraine and Defense Intelligence about the “ghost of Kiev”, but received no response.

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